Amethyst Natural Point Large

Amethyst Natural Point Large

Spiritual Stone known for Breaking Bad Habits & Much More
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Amethyst Natural Crystal Point

Natural Amethyst Points measure approximately 1.5 - 2.5 inch. 

All natural, there has been no heating, shaping, tumbling for smooth service and sides.
Excellent gifts for those with amulet and medicine bags!
Make your own pendant, wrap in wire and wear as necklace or bracelet!

Amethyst is Known for Spiritual Awareness, Spirituality, Dreaming, Dispels Nightmares, Protection, Contentment, Cleanse and Clear Aura, Peace, Known as the Sobriety Stone, Helps break bad habits, Stability, Meditation, and if prone to migraine headaches, try amethyst stones at your crown and back of neck.

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