Ceremonial Smudge

Ceremonial Smudge

Sacred Herbs for Purification & Bringing Good into Your Home and Life.

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6 inch Smudge Stick of
Mountain Sage, Cedar and Sweet Grass

Gathered & Hand-Wrapped Ancient Aromas

Three sacred herbs most used for smudging are gathered and hand-wrapped for your personal ceremonial smudge. The herbs, Mountain Sage, Cedar and Sweetgrass, are known for purification, banishing and bringing good into your home and life.

All Natural Smudges are created by the Kumeyaay Indians of Baja California and Mexico.

Use for:

  • Spirituality & Higher Spiritual Realms
  • Purification
  • Protection
  • Dream Time
  • Sacred Spaces & Sweat Lodges
  • Remove negative energies
  • Remove unwanted spirits
  • Attract good spirits
  • Clear/Cleanse Objects
  • Clear/Cleanse Spaces
  • Clear/Cleanse People
  • Clear/Cleanse Home
  • Healing
  • Good Energy
  • Drive Away Bad Spirits
  • Drive Away Bad Feelings
  • Drive Away Negatives
  • Draw Wisdom
  • Draw Strength
  • Draw Postive Energy

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