Redheart Anglo-Saxon Furthorc Runes

Redheart Anglo-Saxon Furthorc Runes

Stunning Wood Runes Handmade by Jaded Alchemy
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Redheart Anglo Saxon Set
Beautiful, Grounding Runes

A wonderful wood for those looking to break free of daily drudgery, Redheart is associated with freedom and individuality. While keeping you mindful of real threats, Redheart helps you focus on the immediate and tangible realities. The perfect wood for following the "be here now" motto, Redheart is a luxurious color and imparts a beautiful vibe. Rune set featuring the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc alphabet and contains 33 pieces. Redheart Wood is associated with Earth and Water Elements as well as Jupiter, the Sun, and the Moon.

Each tile was sanded, marked, and burned by hand. Each Rune is made of natural branches; some may have bark still on them. Each set is cut from the same branch in order to assure continuity of being. Your Runes are not stamped; each is carefully wood burned and sealed with an all natural oil. Experience the magick of Redheart Wood! Each natural rune set will vary, may not exactly match the photo. Your set includes a drawstring bag.

Your set includes:

  • 25 Natural Wood Tiles: 24 of which are hand carved; and 1 blank.
  • Drawstring Pouch for Travel, Storage and Protection. (Pouch may vary.)

Redheart is associated with:

  • A Carefree Nature
  • Aiding Focus
  • Setting Aside Fears and Inhibitions
  • Following Your Heart
  • Allowing you to Speak your Mind
  • Expressing Your Opinions without Fear
  • Element: Earth
  • Element: Water
  • Jupiter
  • The Moon
  • The Sun
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