Anubis Goblet

Anubis Goblet

Embrace the mysticism of the Egyptian God Anubis. 
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Anubis Goblet

Dedicate your toast to the God of the Underworld

A striking, detailed goblet honoring the Ancient Egyptian God Anubis. Crafted from resin and finished with hand painted detail, Egyptian glyphs surround Anubis who stares at the palm frond etched stem. Adding to the allure, a sacred scarab and faux gem rest on the base.

The inner cup is made of stainless steel for ease of cleaning. This goblet radiates power and mysticism. Known for mummification and leading the dead on their path of the underworld, Anubis resonates with those who are not afraid to look at the darker, more enigmatic parts of life and death.

Measures approximately 3 inch cup x 6.75 inches tall (7.6 x 17 cm).

Anubis is known for:


  • God of the Dead
  • Guardian of Burial
  • Guardian of Secrets
  • Guard from Evil Spirits
  • God of the Under World
  • Embalming Rituals/Ceremonies
  • Jackal Howl Guiding the deceased on to the other world
  • Protection of Gifts & Offerings to the deceased

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