Anubis Standing Statue

God of the Dead - God of the Underworld
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Even with the delay because of the store moving to Vermont, my orders still came earlier than expected! The customer service is great, and the products are so well made! I love the handwritten notes and charms you include with the orders! I'll definitely be ordering more items in the near future!
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Small Standing Anubis Statue

Anubis - God of the Dead - God of the Underworld. Known for Mummification and Leading the dead on their path of the underworld. Known for cemetaries as the ancients would observe jackals hunting near cemeteries.

Featured here as a full bodied Jackal-type you may sometimes see him portrayed with the body of a man and head of a jackal.
Made of resin with beautiful accented painting detail.

3 1/2 inches tall; Hand Painted Resin

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