Anubis Standing Statue

God of the Dead - God of the Underworld
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Merry Meet! I'm thoroughly impressed with my order! Will, Chi, thank you for the Extras! As Emma just said before me, personal notes?? So Kind & Real! I have to add that your 13 Moons Oils, are working already, displaying solid power. Double impressed there.
Salem Jones
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Standing Anubis Statue

Anubis, God of the Dead & of the Underworld is widely known for Mummification and Leading the Dead on their path of the underworld. He is represented as a Jackal as the ancients would observe jackals hunting and howling near cemeteries.

The Anubis Statue crafted of resin and painted black and gold is featured here with the body of a man and head of a jackal. Sometimes you may see him portrayed as a full bodied jackal.

He stands approximately 3 1/2 inches and has quality painted detail in black and gold. He holds an ankh (everlasting life) in one hand and a scepter of divine power is in the other hand. Egpytian Glyphs are engraved on the base. Fine statuette for any decor.

Anubis is known for:

  • God of the Dead
  • Guardian of Burial
  • Guardian of Secrets
  • Guard from Evil Spirits
  • God of the Under World
  • Embalming Rituals/Ceremonies
  • Jackal Howl Guiding the deceased on to the other world
  • Protection of Gifts & Offerings to the deceased

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