Anubis Wall Plaque

Anubis Wall Plaque

Guardian of Secrets & More
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Anubis Mask Wall Plaque

This "Mask" of Anubis is a beautiful design to adorn on your wall. This unique wall hanging is handpainted in beautiful colors suitable for any decor featuring the sacred scarab at the top. Anubis, Egyptian Lord of the Dead & of the Underworld is widely known for Mummification and Leading the Dead on their path of the underworld. He is represented as a Jackal as the ancients would observe jackals hunting and howling near cemeteries.

Anubis is known for:

  • Guardian of Burial
  • Guardian of Secrets
  • Guard from Evil Spirits
  • Lord of the Under World
  • Embalming Rituals/Ceremonies
  • Jackal Howl Guiding the deceased on to the other world
  • Protection of Gifts & Offerings to the deceased

Measures 11.25 inches tall. Each is crafted of cold cast bronze resin with hand painted details.


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