Aphrodite with Doves

Goddess of Love

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I just recently found 13moons and was impressed with their products (at least by website). Having just received my first wand and the bronze Freya statue, I cannot say that "impressed" really covers it. I opened the box and literally cried tears of joy. My Lady was home. The wand is also a delight (made in my home state!). I look forward to returning. Thank you, 13moons, and Blessed Be.
Kim Hataori
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Aphrodite with Doves
Goddess of Love
in Marble Finish

The Young Aphrodite poses holding a dove while others fly around her. Her hair cascades out as though wind blown; her cloak flows elegantly down and around her while at her waist she is scantly covered with a decorative, beaded loin cloth all accurately portraying the Goddess of Love, Romance, Power and Desire.


  • Crafted of Cold Cast Resin
  • Hand Painted for Marble Apprearance
  • Museum-like Statue for Home and Altar
  • Use for Calling Strength, Love & Romance & More to You
  • Approximately 10 inches tall
  • Excellent Gift

The Greek Goddess of Love, Aphrodite for your home decor and altar. Aphrodite is the Goddess of love, beauty and sexuality. She is often associated with Venus and Innana of the Babylonians. Aphrodite personifies every aspect of Love, Romance, Sexuality, Inspiration, Fertility, Beauty and Pleasure. Known as 'She Who Binds Together', Aphrodite brings your heart's desire into fruition. Also seen as independent and strong, Aphrodite teaches all women of the strength and power in their femininity. Doves (portrayed in this statue), pomegranates, roses and the number 6 are all sacred to her.

10 inches high made of Cold Cast Marble Resin

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