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Aquamarine Colored Stone Rune Set

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My amulet arrived when it was suppose to. Website was really easy to use. Will be shopping here again.
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Stone Rune Set with Aquamarine Colored Dyed

Your set includes 25 Aquamarine Colored Stones: 24 of which are individually hand-selected and engraved; and 1 Blank Rune; patterned after the Elder Futhark style. The set is carved on onyx or a similar stone, then aquamarine color is dyed into each tumbled stone. The runes are enhanced with gold enamel for easy reading.

Together, the set is a powerful aid in divination magick while individually each rune can be used to lend power to your spells and rituals, with each rune possessing its own meaning and properties. Please Note: No storage bag is included, we have many to choose from for your personal bag in our bag selection.

Futhark Runes - ムAlphabet Mysteryメ Rune symbols with their basic line drawings have been carved into wood and stones for centuries and used for divination. Many Rune Casters of the Ancient Villages were female --- casting their stones and telling of the future. Each symbol has an individual, sacred and influential meaningナ Over the years, the rune sets have been adapted or added toナ sometimes up to 40 symbols in a set. The more widely known of the sets is the Elder Futhark with 24 symbols and the most modern and commonly used sets of today are the Futhark Runes which have 24 symbols with a blank rune (the mysteryナ the unknownナ.) included.

Experience the magick as your ancestors did by casting your runesナ of different sacred woods and stones for magickal divinationナ