Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael

Patron Saint of Healing
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Saint Raphael the Archangel Statue

Patron of Healing


Saint Raphael the Archangel, Angel of the Trumpet, name meaning "God Heals", is the patron of healers and those in need of healing. This mighty Archangel is able to fearlessly move into whatever area is in need of healing, bringing a host of Angels with him to accomplish this. Archangel Raphael accompanies his patrons and helps to open hearts and minds to the healing power of Spirit and the Universe.

Patron Saint of Aiding/Healing:


  • Emotions
  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Spiritual
  • Travelers
  • Happy Gatherings

Holding a spear and shield, he stands approximately 12 inches tall and is 5.5 inches wide. Cast of Cold Cast Bronze.

Feast Days: 29 September; 24 October


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