Arts of the Night

By Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold

A History of the Practice of Witchcraft

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Absolutely amazing!!! Everything came very fast and packed carefully. Out of over twenty glass jars only one was broken (through no fault of 13 moons) and customer service was spectacular in replacing it. Hand written messages of thanks on the invoice and a very lovely stone attached was such a nice surprise! Quality items for a witch on a budget. I adore this place and will be ordering from them from now on! Thank you 13 moons!
Makaila R moller
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Arts of the Night
A History of the Practice of Witchcraft
By Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold

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Hardcover, 393 Pages

Arts of the Night invites the reader into a history of the practices of witchcraft by focusing on Mesopotamia as the possible cradle for the arts and crafts popularly assigned to what we name as ‘witches’. In this book it is suggested that witchcraft is a poetic reality that pertains to humankind at large.

It is Frisvold's hope that this tome will heighten the awareness of the Wise Arts being originally a traditional vestige of the great mysteries. In our corrupted world, marked by all forms of traditional deviations, Frisvold presents this work in the hope that it can aid a little bit to restoring the Craft to its rightful place and order.

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