Aset and Osiris Dagger Set

Stunning daggers to use in spell work and ritual.
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Every order I make thru 13 Moons is always spot on and exactly what I need. Eventually, I will have my alter back and set up the way it needs to be. (It's too small right now.) With 13 Moons help, I will be there and soon!
Mary P Eisert
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Aset and Osiris Dagger Set

These are slender double-edged stainless steel kriss style athame with a matte silver-tone handle, crosspiece and sheath. The Osiris dagger's hilt is comprised of the Egyptian God of the Underworld Osiris and a lion's head. The Aset Dagger's hilt is comprised of a the Egyptian Goddess Aset (Isis) with a winged scarab forming the hand guard. Its sheath is adorned with hieroglyphs and palm fronds. The sheath is carved with Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Use this set in worship of two of the oldest known deities of the East.

Each has an 8 inch blade and measures 13 1/2 inches when sheathed.

No shipment to Australia or Greece. Customs will remove all blades in your package.

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