Azathoth Tarot Deck

By Nemo

Brand New Edition, Limited to 1,000 Copies.

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I just recently found 13moons and was impressed with their products (at least by website). Having just received my first wand and the bronze Freya statue, I cannot say that "impressed" really covers it. I opened the box and literally cried tears of joy. My Lady was home. The wand is also a delight (made in my home state!). I look forward to returning. Thank you, 13moons, and Blessed Be.
Kim Hataori
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The Azathoth Tarot Deck
Created By Nemo

The Azathoth Tarot is Nemo's homage to the great Howard Phillips Lovecraft and is intended to be a deck that might have existed in the Lovecraftian universe. Perhaps even used by the witch, Keziah Mason, or old wizard Whateley. Thus they carry forward the Eldrich atmosphere that Lovecraft weaved so well.

Detailed pen and ink drawings create this full 78 card Tarot deck which comes cradled snugly in a heavy lidded presentation box.

The Azathoth Tarot deck is 3 and 1/2 inches wide by 5 inches high. It is printed on premium quality card stock and provided with a smooth plastic finish.

Customer Reviews (4)

Azathoth Tarot DeckReview by Tony
What can I say, this is the best tarot deck I have ever seen. As soon as I got my hands on it I knew I had made a great choice. The artist who designed this deck is brilliant! A big thanks to 13 Moons as well, carefully packed and super fast shipping! (Posted on 6/21/2018)
perectReview by DURANT
perfect (Posted on 6/18/2018)
PowerfulReview by Alex
The book of azathoth is not only beautifully illustrated, but every image on every card has so much symbolism, even as a complete beginner, I clearly could see what the basic jist of the cards meaning was.

I did an interview spread before I did any other reading with them. It is the most spiritual, honest, neutral deck I have ever come across.

If you prefer your bad news sugarcoated, this deck is not for you. The book of Azathoth will always be brutally honest. It will give you the hard truths.

My first thought as I was shuffling this deck for the first time is that it was "evil".
However, I never thought it actually was or is. This deck pulls from several religions and isn't afraid to pull from both theistic and laveyathen satanism. In that respect, that is what truest makes this deck unique, powerful, and genuinely neutral. (Posted on 10/6/2017)
Exceptional powerful deck, Review by Diana Julita
The Book of Azatoth Tarot is a powerful and wonderful deck, the cards are 3.5" x 5", printed on premium quality 350gsm card stock and provided with a smooth plastic finish.
If you get connect to the Book of Azatoth, he will be a powerful tarot psychic deck that will never manage you but he will tell you the true as it is, that you like it or not. I recommend this beautiful tarot deck, For everybody if you do a tarot collection - you must have it - if you begin its good to have it. He is my first tarot deck out of a Rider Waite Smith of Tarot de Marseille. I use it a lot so powerful. (Posted on 5/9/2017)

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