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Baphomet Goblet

Baphomet Goblet

Outstanding goblet for festive celebrations!
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Baphomet Goblet

An impressive Gothic style goblet crafted of resin, handpainted and polished for your rituals and celebrations. Measures approximately 3 1/2 x 3 x 6 3/4 inches tall. Each goblet has a steel insert for functional drinking vessel and ease of cleaning. A raised design of Baphomet is on the front with his curved horns and wings. At the stem, you will see a serpent curling around and skulls decorate the base of stem. A pentagram is on Baphomet's forehead as well as on the base.

From the famous line drawing by Eliphas Levi, the great French magus of the 19th century which was composed as the frontispiece to second section of his masterwork "The Ritual and Dogma of High Magic". Levi devised the picture, which synthesizes many elements and symbols from a variety of religious and magickal traditions to illustrate the concept of "astral light, the great magical agent," the medium through which all seeming miracles are performed.

Because this drawing was originally intended to be correctly understood by only initiates of the Mystery Traditions, in more recent times it has been greatly misunderstood, maligned and sometimes abused by the ignorant and those who are unable to perceive its true meaning. Levi alternately titled this drawing "The Sabbatic Goat" (in reference to rites once held in honor of the divine goat of Mendes in ancient Egypt). It is also "Baphomet of the Templars" ( the order of the Knights Templar, the forerunners of modern Freemasonry). Ceremonial magicians and Witches have often recognized this symbol as one of the many representations of the Horned God, although this figure is never worshiped.

To quote Levi, "Baphomet is not a God: he is the sign of initiation. He is also the hieroglyphic figure of the great divine Tetragrammaton ... he is a hold-over from the cherubs of the ark and the holy of holies ... he is the guardian of the key to the temple ... the goat which is represented in our frontispiece bears upon it's forehead the sign of the pentagram with one point in the ascendant, which is sufficient to distinguish it as a symbol of light ... between his horns he carries the torch of life, and the living soul of this torch is God ... it is also the type of the soul exalted above matter, even while cleaving to matter, as the flame cleaves to the torch."


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