Between The Worlds Wand

Between The Worlds Wand

by Abby Willowroot
Dynamic, flowing wand with choice of gemstone for your crystal sphere. Please choose your stone from the drop down menu.
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Between the Worlds Wand

By Abby Willowroot©

It is said that there is a veil that lies between the world of form and the world of spirit. Although they overlap and mirror each other in many ways, they are distinct unto themselves. The rules of one don't necessarily apply to the other. The world of form is that which we are most familiar. The world of spirit is what lies beyond the veil.

The world of form is the physical reality we find all around us in the air, sun, food, earth, all things we can see, feel, and touch. It is a densely layered realm of matter acting and reacting on the physical plane.

The world of spirit is the reality that lies beyond the veil. It's where our true essence dwells when not attached to a physical form, in this lifetime and all lifetimes. Essentially timeless and formless, this realm responds to the vibrations of our thoughts. An essential part of our spiritual selves lies anchored in this realm at all times. We truly are inseparable from our spiritual reality.

Abby Willowroot's Between the Worlds Wand is truly magnificent. The dynamic, flowing shaft represents travel through time and space. This well crafted metaphysical tool with its substantial weight feels right at home in your hand. Beautifully balanced, this wand has three heavy prongs to hold the sphere securely.

Wand Stone Choice: We recommend the clear quartz sphere however, there are other sphere choices available, please select your choice from the drop down menu box.

Also, we recommend 2 wand stands because of the wand's length, although it can lean on one.

Wand Measures 15 1/2 inches.
Cast out of 100% lead-free pewter the Between the Worlds Wand has powerful, sharp, focused and dynamic energy.

Each wand is hand crafted here in the U.S. at Willowroot's Wand Studio and ships from her studio.

International Orders: Please Note: There may be additional charges. We will notify if so. Please allow 3 - 7 days for wand to be made and shipped to our warehouse. If you ordered other items, they will be held and shipped at the same time as wand.


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