Black and Orange Samhain Chicken Foot - LIMITED

For Samhain Celebrations and Protection
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Dried and Painted Black and Orange Chicken Foot for Ju Ju

Black and Orange Painted Chicken Foot for Ju Ju and Samhain Celebration. Each foot is dried and painted for you to create into a Ju Ju for protection and keeping negatives and evils away.

You may add more symbols by drawing and painting, add items by tying on feathers, beads, gris-gris or gluing small items such as shells and beads. Keep in an area for protection and positive energy. You may tie with a cord and hang in an area if you would like.

The chicken feet we sell are from free range chickens we and friends have raised. When we thin the flock to feed ourselves, we save the feathers and feet for ceremonial items. If a claw(s)/toe nail(s) are missing it was naturally, we did not remove any.

Each is cleaned, dried and hand painted for you. Each will vary slightly from the photo. Has a tie to conveniently hang.

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