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Black Cat Spell Hoodoo Spell Set

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Wonderful Service as Always! My second time ordering from 13 moons, the delivery was on time and went completely smooth. The free gifts are always a nice touch, and the wide selection of items is unique online! Blessed be and Thank you!
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BeWyld's Black Cat Hoodoo Spell

BeWyld has created the Black Cat Mojo Spell Kit specific to your needs! Your Black Cat Spell Set can be used to:

  • Draw person of opposite sex to desire you
  • Draw Love
  • Break Bad Spells
  • Break Hexes
  • Bring Good Luck
  • Bring Good Fortune

Your Black Cat Spell Kit includes:

  • 1 Black Cat Hoodoo candle
  • 2 ounces of Black Cat crystal bathing salts
  • 1 Black Cat gris-gris (fabric color may vary)
  • 1/2 ounce of Black Cat mojo oil
  • 1/3 ounce of All Purpose self burning incense
  • 1 Black Obsidian Stone
  • Instructions

Comes packed in a convenient folding white box.

Take charge of the changes you want and need by using natureメs gifts we have harnessed for you to be wyld with the elements and deities! Along with the candle, parchment, salt, bag and stone you have a classic formula of essential and natural oils, natural herbs, roots and/or powders to work with you. The specific combination blended has proved effective and handed down for generations.