Black Metal Cauldron with Sand

Black Metal Cauldron with Sand

Strong and stylish, perfect for offerings and incense!

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Metal Cauldron with Sand

A charming and powerful ritual cauldron

This deep black cauldron is made especially for use in rituals. Bring your candles, incense, or resin to this little pot. Perfect to burn your granular incense. For a magnificent aroma and to unleash the power of your offerings, use with sand (included) and a tablet of charcoal (not included); then, sprinkle resin onto the charcoal when the charcoal is incandescent.

Perfect for a small altar or for use as a special holder just for offerings or incense, this pot makes a great gift. This charming cauldron measures approximately 3.75 inches (9.5 cm) tall x 4.25 inches (10.8 cm) diameter.

Cauldrons are often used for:

  • Holding Candles
  • To Display Offerings
  • Ritual Spellwork
  • Burning Incense and Resins
  • Catching Ashes from Smudging

Note: Not food safe.


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