Black Metal Cauldron with Sand

Black Metal Cauldron with Sand

Great Style - Great Price & includes Sand!
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Metal Cauldron with Sand

Medium Sized Simple Cauldron

Practical cauldron made of metal for your candles, incense, or smudge. This simple cauldron is a great choice for anyone who wants a no frills option. Excellent for holding potions or ritual brews. Can also be filled with water and used for scrying.

Perfect to burn your granular incense, use with sand (included) and a tablet of charcoal (not included); sprinkle the resin onto the charcoal when the charcoal is incandescent. Measures approximately 3.75 inches (9.5 cm) tall by 4.25 inches (10.7 cm) diameter.


  • Great for Incense
  • Round Bottom Style
  • Metal
  • Includes Sand

Made specifically for use in preparation of rituals and spells; not to be used for cooking. Not food safe.


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