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Black Singing Bowl, Large Set

Black Singing Bowl, Large Set

Allow the puja to flow along the bowl creating Peaceful and Harmonizing Vibrations to Clear your Mind.
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Tibetan Buddhist Singing Bowl

This Singing Bowl, made of brass with black adornment is crafted in India. Each bowl features various Tibetan symbols on the exterior and interior. Each handcrafted bowl includes a puja, the striker, (pujas may vary from photo) and a pillow to rest your bowl upon while using or storing in a safe place.

Very easy to use: Simply take your striker and tap the side of the bowl and continuously run it around the edge of the bowl.

The peaceful, harmonizing vibrations aid in clearing your mind to lead you into deep relaxation. We find this is a beautiful addition to beginning and ending ceremonies, especially healing. 

Bowl Measures approximately 5 inches (12.5cm) in diameter x 2.36 inches (3cm).

Pillow for Bowl will vary; we have a variety of colors.

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