Black Obsidian Scrying Ball Pendant

by Abby Willowroot

Handcrafted for Scrying
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Thank you so much for my products!!! Very pleased with everything inside and even received something I didn't order as a thank you for ordering. I'm new to this and all my items will help me with my path. Everything came sooner than expected and was very organized. I will be returning again and again. Thank you guys again!!!
Jessica Runda
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Wizard's Scrying Crystal Ball Pendant
by Abby Willowroot ~ Real Magic Wands

A very magickal Crystal Ball Pendant worn by both women and men. This is a very substantial piece of magickal jewelry. The Crystal Ball can be used for Scrying, Casting Spells, and used as a an Energy Enhancer. This is a very popular piece with Psychics, Tarot Readers, and all kinds of Wizards, Witches and magickal folks.

Scrying is the art of piecing the veil between realities and seeing into the past, future, and into the realm of possibilities. The Wizard's Ball Scrying Pendant will rest and recharge on your Altar when you are not wearing it, either in a Crystal Ball holder, or anywhere that is not in direct sunlight.

The metal of this spiraling, textured Wizard's Ball Pendant is the finest Lead-Free Pewter with a 5% pure Silver content. The Silver adds strength, conductivity and a beautiful lustre to the Pewter.
30 mm Black Obsidian Sphere.

Warning!!!!! All Crystal Balls can catch a ray of direct Sunlight and start a fire, because a Crystal focuses the Sun's rays into a condensed point that becomes very hot and can burst into flames at any time, if the Crystal Ball is in direct Sunlight. This does not happen when you are wearing a Crystal Ball Pendant, because the angle of the Sunlight is constantly changing as you move.

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Best Gift and product ever bought from 13moons! Review by Megan
This scrying ball necklace is something I have wanted at first glance after becoming a customer but it was so rare that it was almost always out of stock. I took it as fate, waited and once I saw it was in stock again 8 to 9 years later I immediately told my husband since it was Christmas time and it was my dream of always owning such that precious scrying pendant. It was in my stocking! Happy Yule to me! ~Thank you babe/Santa ;)

Now I have more vivid dreams then ever before and my lucid dreams are better controlled now. I use to have panic attacks pretty easily since I've been diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma along with depression and anxiety even before that, I would panic during storms or just over small things for no reason but that has been more then cut in half. I actually smile now when I hear thunder, knowing the earth is getting what it needs. Spiritual energy has never been this calm around me in forever. I'm so happy with it and happy I waited for this perfect one since I feel it was meant for me. The only problem I have had is that I wear it 24/7 (not in the shower) and the rope has snapped once and when I tried to tie it again it snapped a 2nd time. If it happens 1 more time it won't fit around my head. I prefer leather strings to chain necklaces but I can't buy it online since I can't tell the size of the string so should I email your customer service team 13moons? I'm very worried and this is my most prized item I own, if an item could be a familiar, my scrying ball is the closest they could come to being one. Sorry for such a long story and review! Thank you for providing this, with love and light, blessed be!

Megs (Posted on 7/1/2018)

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