Quill Pen & Ink Set

A wonderful gift for all ages.
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This is my first purchase as I am a middle aged newbie. I have always been drawn to Mother earth and what I thought was "instinct " about people I would meet for the first time. I have as long as I can remember forming my opinion of their "true " selves within a minute or two. Somewhere in the last 50 years I stopped doubting my self and realized my connection. So as my 50th rolls around I am learning, practicing only what I KNOW cant hurt... and excited. Will let you know how the book and Tarot kit go....slowly, respectfully, confident !! Blessings to all .
Allyson Budnick
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Black Quill Nib Pen & Ink Set

Black Turkey Feather Quill Pen and Ink Gift Set for charm and elegance from everyday notes, spells and recipes to wedding invites! Hand Assembled Quill Pen is paired in a gift presentation box with Italian Apothecary Writing Ink. A wonderful gift for writers of all ages, and especially Harry Potter fans.


  • Made from Naturally Shed Feathers
  • Organically Dyed
  • Hand Assembled in England
  • Pen is approximately 12" in length
  • Pen is fitted with a gold nib for an easy and graceful flow
  • Black Ink in Apothecary Jar
  • Italian Made Ink
  • Wonderful Gift
  • Gift Box measures 14 inches x 4 inches

Excellent gift for your desk, table and altar presenting you with Old World Charm & Elegance

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