Samhain Spell Candle II

Samhain Spell Candle II

Handmade Ritual Candle
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Samhain Spell Candle II
All Black

Honor Your Ancestors

Pagan New Year celebrated on or around October 31 ~ Celebrate the New Year, when the veil between the worlds are thinnest, with this most popular of candles! This candle is perfect for all of your Samhain rituals and honoring your ancestors. A great addition to any witch’s altar.

Candle Color: Black with stone embedded on top and herbally charged for your rituals.

Each Hand-crafted Spell Candle is:

  • Made in a Ritual Setting
  • Wrapped in Paper
  • Herbally Charged
  • Stone included on top of candle, embedded in the wax.
  • Measures approximately 1 3/8 inch diameter x 7 inches tall.
  • Burns for 20+ hours.

Black Candle Uses:

  • Samhain/Halloween
  • Magick
  • Protection
  • All Souls Night
  • Feast of the Dead
  • Festival of Remembrance
  • Honoring the Ancestors

Place in flameproof holder and trim wick to 1/4 inch to enable better burning quality and time.

Please Note: Label may vary from photo.


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