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Midnight Witches' Besom

Midnight Witches' Besom

Handcrafted for your spells, rituals and ceremonies.

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Midnight Witches' Broom

For those in love with the night

Calling all stargazers and late night wanderers, this handcrafted, old world style broom brings midnight to you any time. If you're looking for a non-traditional broom that brings a sense of style and that personal touch to your space, this is your match. Crafted from ethically harvested wood in Oregon, this broom gives you a powerful magic ally in an ecologically sustainable way. Approximately 42 inches (1.06 m), this stunning broom features a lush black broomcorn, colored with non-toxic dye that is stable under most circumstances.

Using a combination of post-bellum machinery, your broom is made in a traditional style, steeped in history. Brooms have been used for centuries as a way to sweep negativity from your space, in wedding and handfasting traditions, and as a symbols of good luck and welcome (when hung over your entrance way). Your broom is made with natural wood branches, and crafted individually so will vary slightly from photo.

Black is associated with:

  • Protection
  • Scrying
  • Banishing
  • Repelling Negativity

Please note: If you would like a broom for Halloween/Samhain or a Yule gift, plan ahead - the Autumn months and Yule season are our busiest time for brooms and besoms.

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