Blessed Herbal Energy and Will Candle

Blessed Herbal Energy and Will Candle

Manifest Your Desires
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Energy and Will Blessed Herbal Candle

The Energy Will (Fire Element) Candle is Fire Orange in color and made with an oil blend of Sandalwood and Ginger
From the center of your will, anything can be accomplished, for this is the first step on the road to manifesting your desires. After the idea inspired by work done with the Air candle, Energy & Will is the next step to creating your own reality. Fire is the continuing spark that burns through the blockages in the spirit.

The Element of Fire is associated with the nervous system, the sacred direction of South, the Tarot suit of Wands, Midday and Summer. To enhance your intentions, place things that bring the Element of Fire to mind next to the candle.

Candle Use:

  • Strengthens the aura and works through blockages in the creation process.
  • Helps to stimulate the naval/second chakra which rule the creative/desire centers.

Astrological Information:

  • Optimal time to use this candle is when the Waxing Moon is in a Fire Zodiac as Aries, Leo or Sagittarius.
  • Used during a Waning Moon to release blockages to your personal energy and strengthen your will.

Tapped into the ancient mystical secrets of herbal magic, since 1992, Blessed Herbal Candles continue to be a success! Uplifting, enriching and They Work! Starting with purposeful recipes and high quality materials, personal blessings are added in while hand-pouring them with the phases of the moon that will best intensify their energy.

WARNING: Keep out of the reach of children and animals. Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Please Note: Place in flameproof holder and trim wick to .25 inch to enable better burning quality and time. Remove any packaging before burning your candle.

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