Peace Limited Edition Blessed Herbal Candle

Join your personal prayers with collective prayers of peace.

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As always, you guys are the best!!! My items arrived on a very timely manner and I can't thank you enough how prompt you are with the orders. The items were very carefully packaged and they arrived safely. The 4 Goddesses holding hands with a vase in the middle for the candle is absolutely beautiful! The brass pentagram wind chime is absolutely beautiful and has a permanent fixture for my balcony along with the other that I had ordered from you. Once again... you have exceed my expectation! Thank you so much! Blessed Be )O( Namaste ~Dragonfly
Delilah Quintesse
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Peace Blessed Herbal Candle

The Limited Edition Peace Candle is white with a sweet vanilla scent and a woodsy undertone. Each hand poured candle includes a safety pin and key charm. Each candle measures 1 1/2 x 7 inches and has an approximate 40 hour burn time.

Peace is found first from within, second in your community and third in the world. Be the peace you wish to see in the world with our Limited Edition Peace candle.

Affirmation: Nurture the whole of this world with the abundance and plenty that will Manifest peace and and safety and security. Wash away my fears and the fears of The world that create tyranny and unrest. Bring divine protection to those oppressed And divine intervention for those Imprisoned by their own intolerances. Embody our world leaders and their followers With the energy, commitment and clarity of thought To manifest world peace in body, mind and spirit For all of humanity

Only a few small batches have been poured for the holiday season. Don't wait too long to get your peace candle!

Why a peace candle? Through this candle, your personal prayers for peace join with the collective prayers of humanity to form a web of peace around the globe. The sacred herbs and oils from the 4 corners of the Earth, bringing a global focus for prayers and intentions to transform hatred into love, fear into peace and intolerance into empathy.

Tapped into the ancient mystical secrets of herbal magic, since 1992, Blessed Herbal Candles continue to be a success! Uplifting, enriching and They Work! Starting with purposeful recipes and high quality materials, personal blessings are added in while hand-pouring them with the phases of the moon that will best intensify their energy.

Measures 1 1/2 x 7 inches with a burn time of approximately 35 hours.
Place in flameproof holder and trim wick to 1/4 inch to enable better burning quality and time.

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