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Summer Solstice/Litha

Dance, sing, and jump with joy Summer is here! Mother Nature is in full bloom so get outside and celebrate.


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Mercury Is In Retrograde...Again?!

Mercury, the little planet with a big planet attitude. And did I mention it's in retrograde...again?!

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Tarot History

Tarot through the Ages

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Bastet - The Egyptian Cat Goddess

The original Cat Woman

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Moon Info

Celebrate 13 Moons!

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Cast Iron Care
Cast Iron Easy Prep, Seasoning and Care
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Charging Your Gemstones
Cleanse and Charge Your Stones by the Sea, the Moon and Plant energies.
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Besoms, Whisks and Brooms, Oh My!
Grab a Broom, Tonight we Ride!
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Witch's Brew Four Sisters Votive Set

Whimsical yet serious in their power -
Get your "Witch" on and honor your inner witch!

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Here Comes the Sun!

Happy (almost!) spring,

Are you hoping that old Groundhog was right and that an early spring is coming? We sure wouldn't mind seeing the sun a little more. Well, if your green thumbs have been itching to get back to the soil, then it’s a sure sign the wheel of the year continues to turn and Ostara is on the way!

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Welcome Yule!

Our warmest greetings to all.

As the darkest evening of the year approaches, we hope your days are filled with goodness and cheer. The Wheel of the Year is turning, bringing us closer to Winter Solstice, a time of many celebrations.

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Season's greetings to all,

 As the wheel of the year winds down to Samhain, we wanted to send you our best wishes for a beautiful season. In addition to preparing for a new arrival to the 13 Moons family, we’ve been organizing everything Samhain to help you have a great celebration.  

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Mabon Greetings

Mabon is coming up at the end of this month, and we want to share some of our thoughts with you. Like all harvest festivals, Mabon is meant to remind us that life is precious and that we “reap what we have sown.”


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Lammas - Lughnasadht

We hope these warm days of summer find you well. As we prepare to count our own blessings for the Lammas celebration on August 1, we wanted to share some of our thoughts with you.

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New Look to 13 Moons

13 Moons is excited to announce the launching of our newly designed website after months of sweat and, I will admit, tears!

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Glenn's Altar

Made my Altar to enhance my spells bottles and wand. Maeve, Queen of the Fairies Statue is in the center, and she is amazing.

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I just received my 2 Athames along with a Wand. OMG, I can't say enough about how absolutely beautiful they are, perfect additions to my new Altar. I will definitely be shopping here again. - Helene

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Allow the spirits of Sacred Plants to cleanse you, your home, animals and sacred ritual and altar tools.

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Beltane (most commonly pronounced "BELL-tayn", but also can be "BEEL-teen", "BEEL-tawn-uh", or "BYAL-tinn") is one of the Greater Wiccan Sabbats and is usually celebrated on May 1st, but can be on the night of April 30th, depending on your tradition or - if you are solitary - simply your personal choice.

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