The Egyptian Cat Goddess, Bastet


"Bastet invites us in for snuggling comfort in the Lap of Joy"

- Nancy Blair, Goddesses for Every Season

Let us delve into the history of the Egyptian Cat Goddess, Bastet.

Also known as Bast, she one of ancient Eygpt's favorite deities. She has continued to grow in popularity today being a favorite amongst the Wiccan and Pagan communities. Bast was originally depicted with the head of a lioness or desert sand cat but, later interpertations show her as a domesticated cat. Cats are the sacred animal to Bastet and were highly revered in ancient Egypt. Many temples were dedicated to Bast and her priestesses and priests kept cats in these temples in homage to her.

Like the barn cat of today, cats in ancient Egypt hunted and killed vermin of all kinds which in turn prevented disease and saved the farmer's crops. It is no wonder that this awesome goddess became known as a protector deity and was called the "Eye of Ra."

Being the daughter of the sun god Ra, Bastet is a solar deity and it is thought by some that she and Sekhmet are one in the same goddess. Though both goddesses share common virtues, Bast is definitely more playful, and has a loving nature. But do not underestimate her, Bastet is a huntress and can be fiercely protective. More commonly she is known to be associated with dancing, music, art, sexuality, grace, beauty, merrymaking, and her festivals involve plenty of drinking. Perhaps one of the many reasons that Bastet is considered to be a fertility goddess.

This beautiful Bastet bronze statue with its exquisite handpainted details is shown holding the Ankh or the papyrus wand, symbols that represent Lower Egypt and the Breath of Life. It is a perfect gift for the cat afficiando, an Egyptologist or for yourself. We have to say that Bastet is one of our favorites!

She measures approxiamately 10 inches tall. Handpainted and highlighted detail from her headdress, the Usekh - broad collar necklace, arm bands, Ankh, to her scarab adorned Shendyt and her scared animal at her feet and, the grass she stands upon.

Bastet is the Egyptian Goddess of :

  • Cats
  • Fertility
  • Family
  • Women
  • Pregnant Women
  • Children
  • Home
  • Pleasure
  • Sexuality
  • Dance
  • Childbirth
  • Protectress of Women and Children
  • Protection from Evil
  • Protection from Disease
  • Music
  • Perfume
  • Represents the Element of the Sun

Your Bastet statue is made of cold cast bronze. Cold Cast bronze is a unique technique where actual bronze powder is incorporated with polyresin. This combination gives a sophisticated look to your statue similar to a gallery piece. Your statue will ratain a beautiful sheen of bronze at an affordable price. Measures approximately 6.1 (L) x 3.62 (W) x 10.04 (H) inches.

Blessed be Bastet. Great Goddess of Dance. May we all move to your rhythm, grace and abundant generosity.

Many blessings from all of us at 13 Moons.