Cleaning, Cleansing & Charging Your Gemstones

Below are Methods you may use to clear energy after purchase of your stones and crystals and for clearing/cleansing after each use.

Sea Salt, Ocean and/or Running Water

*Please Note: Some stones are too soft for salt water treatment, such as Blue Lace Agate and Malachite, they will disintegrate. A good gem book is recommended for hardness/softness of stones. A hardness under 7 is not recommended for Salt Cleansing.

  • You may use Sea Salt for cleansing. Do not use regular table salt if you choose the salt method - use only Sea Salt.
  • If you do not have Sea salt, we offer Dead Sea Salt and Sea Salt.
  • In a non-plastic container, add your salt or salt water.
  • If using dry salt, no water, place sea salt in container and bury your stones in it. If you have crystal points, have pointed end down into the salt. Leave over night.
  • If using Salt Water, depending on amount of stones general amount is 1 tablespoon of salt to 1 cup of cold water. Leave over night.
  • If you have used the stone or stones for intense healing or energy work, you may want to leave it longer.
  • If you live near the ocean, some ocean water is great to use. You can bring the water home to use from there or take your stones and cleanse them directly in the ocean.
  • Same time frame as above on using Sea Salt when using Ocean Water at home.
  • If you have cleansed them in the ocean, bring them home and allow them then to sit on window sill overnight.
  • Any running/moving water: stream, creek, river, bay is good to wash your stones in. If you live near running water, this is also great energy to use on your stones to cleanse and clear.
  • In an emergency, such as when you have to use your crystals for a healing and they have not been cleansed, use cold or cool water from the faucet and run the stones under. If you have crystal points, face the points down towards the drain to allow the negative energy to run out.
  • If you are on city/town water (not a well) you may want to pour bottled spring water over as there are chemicals in most town/city waters.

Moon EnergyCleansing with the Moon and/or Earth Energies
  • You can place your stones outside or in a window to work with moon's energies.
  • Anytime is fine for clearing your stones in the moon from overnight to full cycle.
  • The amount of time depends on how much clearing and energizing you feel the stone(s) may need.
  • Bury your stone(s) into the earth. Amount of time as above depending on how much clearing the stone(s) may need.
General Rule for Moon Cleansing:

As the moon grows to Full, energy flows into your stone(s).
As the moon goes to New, energy clearing out.

When time allows, combine the Sea Salt, Moon and/or Earth Cleansings when you want a good thorough cleansing.


You can light a cleansing, purifying incense, resin or smudge stick and run the stones through the smoke. Doing this in the directions/elements is suggested. If you have a feather you use in smudging, this is a good tool to use along with the smoke/smudge.

After cleansing/clearing your stones:

If you are using the stones for rituals and healing ceremonies, store them in a bag or cloth and keep in a safe place to not be handled.

If your stones are not to be used in rituals and ceremonies, set them where you and others can touch and enjoy them!

Blessings to you and your stones!