Hello friends!

We hope these warm days of summer find you well. As we prepare to count our own blessings for the Lammas celebration on August 1, we wanted to share some of our thoughts with you.

Lughnasadh is a traditional celebration of the First Harvest of the year (see more Lammas lore here). It is a time when we sit back and express our gratitude. It’s also a nice reminder that we can celebrate a work in progress.

We at 13 Moons are here to help you celebrate. Here are a few ideas from us to you:

If you’re looking for ritual ideas, we’re happy to share ours with you. It’s easily adapted for solitary or group practices.

Bake up a loaf of bread (or beat the heat and stop by your local farmer’s market). Fresh from our garden in time for Lammas we will have garlic, raspberries, and blueberries for our First Harvest Feast!

This two color spell candle is perfect for a simple moment of gratitude marking the day. Paired with our Lammas incense you can use these herbs to help you invoke gratitude and abundance in your day.

Another of our great products that adds a touch to your ritual is this Tree of Life goblet.

For more rituals, crafts, recipes, and spells on this holiday, we cannot recommend enough, Llewellyn Sabbat Essentials for Lughnasadh.


Have fun!

From all of us at 13 Moons