Celebrate with Drawing the Moon into your life!
Become familiar with the natural cycles, heartbeats and rhythms of Earth.

13 Moons in a Lunar Year

There are 13 lunar months in a Lunar year. The 13 Moons do not correlate directly with our Solar month calendar. The connections below are to help give you a feeling for when they occur. There are different names for these Lunar months depending on location. They relate strongly to natural events in an area. You certainly can make up names for your personal area!

Wolf Moon

January - Wolf Moon - Calming Moon:

As we sit and cuddle for warmth; this is a time for planning, meditating, relaxing and building energy.


February - Storm Moon:

Continue your Meditation. Where will your energies be best used when ready to release and work with the energy you have been building? Prepare for Spring - purification rituals with cleansing/purification incense, candles and baths.

March - Chaste Moon

Time to start releasing and working with the energies for Spring. Collect the seeds, plan the gardening, and perform your blessing ceremonies for prosperity, change and growth.

April - Seed Moon

Planting the seeds for a prosperous harvest ~ whether "real" seeds or seeds of thoughts and wishes. Perform an outside ceremony in the moonlight to bless your wishes, thoughts, desires and any work such as gardening that you want success in. Surround yourself with bright "spring" colors - getting the energy going as the dandelions are! Dance in the spring rains among the Faeries and Dandelions!

May - Hare Moon

Renew and awaken the fires of love, romance and life. Work with the moon's energy at this time to bless all of nature ~ and any of nature's gifts you have planted. Work with gifts of natures in your ceremonies ~ such as herbs, stones and wood.

June - Dryad Moon

Work with the moon's energy for continued growth and success. See yourself growing spiritually as your garden or other projects flourish. Share and spread warmth and joy to others at this time.

July - Mead Moon Time

Again, a time to sit back and rest. Energy has been flowing ~ take some "me" time. Steep an herbal tea in the moonlight as you relax in an herbal bath. Later, quietly sip the tea and take in her energy - feel it spreading throughout your body.

August - Wyrt (plant, herb) or Corn Moon

The beginning of harvesting ~ gathering, sharing, and storing. Give thanks to all who have helped you in a moonlit ceremony.

September - Harvest or Barley Moon

Continued harvest and celebration of gifts. Share the wonderful energy you have been blessed with.

October - Blood Moon

A time when the veil is thin - a time when growth slows, a time to enjoy the harvest, honor our ancestors and ask for their continued guidance and protection.

November - Snow Moon

The cycle continues and is coming to an end... or a beginning! The winter frosts begins, growth slows in nature - as again it is time to sit back and gather energy within and work on spiritual growth and psychic abilities.

December - Oak Moon

Honor the moon with crafts of nature. Gather fallen leaves, boughs of trees and craft a wreath, garland or even a headdress to be used in your decorations and rituals. Use these later to kindle a moonlit bonfire.

And what is the 13th Moon?

It is the space between time, the crack in the worlds. Suspension of the normal day to day activities. Time to play, party and enjoy the moments. In other times when human life may have been less stressful and regimented everyone got together and celebrated. Maybe we can begin to re-create this magickal sacred space.

Blue Moon

This is an extremely rare occasion when the moon takes on a bluish cast not the modern explanation of when a second full moon occurs in one month. This is a special magical moon to work with! Also, Blue Moon is known as the third full moon when we have four moons in a season; 13 Moons in a year.

Turtle BackTurtle's Back & 13 Moons

Native American Ancestors from various tribes have taught and shared their 13 Moons Wisdom by studying and teaching from a turtle's back.

The 13 large segments on the turtle's back represent the lunar year of 13 Moons... and hold the key to these moons.


Celebrate the Moon!