Witch’s Brew Four Sister Votive Set

Enter the realm of the Four Sisters where magick abounds and spells are spoken.


We invite you to experience the intoxicating scents of the Witch's Brew Four Sister Votive Set. Crafted with magic these scents will enhance and empower your spells not to mention they are the perfect travel size for the witch on the go.

The Witch’s Brew Four Sisters Votive Set includes Dragon’s Blood, Original, Evil Eye and Witch’s Purse.

The Original Witch's Brew Votive:

Original Witch's Brew This is a a heady scent trio of Frankincense, Myrrh and Mugwort. It is the perfect shade of black and is a must for any practitioner. Besides, what witch doesn’t love a good black candle.

Frankincense, one of the world’s oldest resins, dates back thousands of years is mainly known for cleansing, purification and is associated with the element of Fire. Myrrh, like Frankincense, is not an herb but a resin and is associated with the element of Water. Similar to Frankincense, Myrrh can be used in banishing rituals or spell-work for breaking hexes or curses. Finally Mugwort, associated with the element of Earth, a staple in many Pagan practices is commonly used in smudging rituals. This multi versatile herb is also known for it’s protection properties and when combined with Frankincense and Myrrh makes for a powerful protection trifecta.

Dragon's Blood Votive:

Dragon's BloodThe Dragon's Blood Votive is a beautiful rich red color with an exotic scent that reminds one of far off lands and mystical places. Contrary to it’s name this candle does not actually contain real dragon’s blood, but is created using a resin originating from some of the Earth’s oldest trees. It has been used for centuries by many different cultures and religions.

Dragon’s Blood is used for healing, protection, and banishing. Associated with the element of Fire, can be used during any of the Fire Festivals or rituals that involve power and the Sun.

Evil Eye Votive:

Evil EyeNow who can resist the vibrant blue color of the Evil Eye Votive with it’s subtle hint of Juniper and Rose. Not only does it smell delightful but, creates a powerful ward of protection from those that wish you harm. Juniper, associated with the element of Fire, has been utilized for centuries for purification and protection rituals. Commonly used to remove obstacles such as bad luck, hexes or curses opening you up to receive positive energies. What better compliment to Juniper than Rose. She is not only associated with love but of great power, providing powerful protection magick.

Witch's Purse Votive:

Witch's PurseLast and by no means least is the Witch's Purse Votive, quite possibly our favorite. The vivid green color can only mean one thing...MONEY ! Scented with Bergamot and Date invites prosperity and the sweetness of success into your life. Release the tensions that are blocking you, power up your manifestations and invite abundance into your life.

Clear your fears and paths that block and bring on the money! Never have an empty purse! A Witch's Purse is never empty because she knows the secret of the laws of attraction!

Features of Your Witch's Brew Four Sister Votive Set

  • Handmade when the Moon is right
  • Made of Paraffin with Cotton Wick
  • Color Specific
  • Aroma Specific
  • Intent Specific
  • Manifest What You Need
  • Measures 1.5 inches x 2 inches
  • Burn Time approximately 10 hours

We offer the sisters in a Pillar Set and all of her sister oils are found here amongst intent specific oil blends. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or just starting on your spiritual journey the Witch's Brew Four Sisters Set is a perfect addition to your spell-crafting needs. Just remember that intent is everything.

Bright Blessings from all of us at 13 Moons.