Our warmest greetings to all.

As the darkest evening of the year approaches, we hope your days are filled with goodness and cheer. The Wheel of the Year is turning, bringing us closer to Winter Solstice, a time of many celebrations. Starting with Diwali in October, festivals of light around the world proclaim the return of the sun. Yule, also known as Midwinter, Winter Solstice, and Pagan New Year, is a time to ring in the return of light to our hemishpere, our hearts, and our hearths.

If you’re looking for a Winter Solstice Ritual we’re happy to share ours. An offering of Rowen berries or a cinnamon broom on your hearth invite warmth and prosperity to your home. Draw insight into the new year by using these cedar, apple, and oak runes. Learn more rituals and lore with one of our favorite Llewellyn Guides.

Pick up a jackalope pendant to promote strength as we push through the deepest parts of winter. Or our find our silver athame in honor of the stag. No Yule/Solstice celebration is complete without candles! To light up your night we have a wide selection in seasonal green (woody scented) and red (spicy scented) options. A traditional Celtic decoration is a single red, pillar candle in the front window. For those looking for whimsy, we also have candy cane candles.

However you choose to observe the day, we are sending you the warmest wishes for a new year.


Merry Yule,

All of us at 13 Moons