Evil Eye Protection Spell by 13 Moons

Evil Eye Protection Spell by 13 Moons - 13 Moons

Evil Eye Protection Spell by 13 Moons

Unwanted negative energy and the evil eye can surround anyone, causing harm and misfortune. To counteract these malevolent forces, follow this Evil Eye Protection Spell by 13 Moons that harnesses the powerful properties of various magical products. Gather your evil eye candle, evil eye ritual oil, evil eye incense, evil eye blue salt, and evil eye palm stone to perform this spell.

Materials Required

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Cleanse your space: Begin by spiritually cleansing the area where you will perform the ritual. You can do this by lighting the Evil Eye Incense and allowing its protective and clearing energy to fill the room. Close your eyes and take several deep breaths, welcoming positivity and creating a tranquil atmosphere.
    Evil Eye Ritual Incense
  1. Prepare the Evil Eye Candle: Anoint your Evil Eye Candle with the Evil Eye Ritual Oil, starting from the center and moving outwards to the top and bottom. This act represents channeling protective and cleansing energies into the candle.
    Evil Eye Ritual Oil by 13 Moons
  1. Create a salt circle: Next, pour your Evil Eye Blue Salt into a circle on the surface you've chosen to perform the ritual spell. This circle acts as a barrier, shielding you from negative energy while you channel the protection spell.
  1. Place the Evil Eye Palm Stone: Inside the salt circle, place your Evil Eye Palm Stone. This stone serves as a powerful talisman, attracting positive energy and repelling the evil eye.
  1. Meditate on your intentions: Sit comfortably in front of your salt circle and hold the Evil Eye Palm Stone in your hands. Close your eyes and meditate on your intention to protect yourself from the evil eye and negative energies. Visualize a strong protective barrier surrounding you, your loved ones, and your home.
  1. Light the Evil Eye Candle: Now, light your anointed Evil Eye Candle and recite the following incantation:

"By the power of the elements, I summon protection from thee,
With this candle, oil, incense, salt, and stone, set me free.
May the evil eye steer clear of my path,
Surrounded by protection, free from its wrath."

Evil Eye Spell Candle
  1. Let the candle burn: Allow the Evil Eye Candle to burn completely, releasing the protective energies into your space. It is essential not to leave burning candles unattended. Ensure you are nearby and keep an eye on the candle to prevent any accidents.
  1. Dispose of Remaining Materials: Once the candle has burned out, wrap the remaining wax, salt, and incense ashes in a cloth or small bag and bury it outside, safely away from your home. Doing so ensures the unwanted energies are removed and neutralized, leaving you protected against the evil eye.

By performing the Evil Eye Protection Spell by 13 Moons regularly, you will ward off negative energies and surround yourself with a powerful protective barrier. Trust in the power of the magical products and your own intentions to keep the evil eye at bay and maintain harmony in your life.

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