Everything You Need To Know About Candle Color Magick

Everything You Need To Know About Candle Color Magick - 13 Moons

If you’ve ever been curious about the power of candle magick, you’re not alone. Candle magick has long been a part of many spiritual practices, from Wicca to Hoodoo. One form of candle magick is color magick, which uses different colors to manifest certain energies and intentions. With candles, you are combining color magick with the powerful element of fire which is known for light, energy, fast action and transformation. Read on to learn all about candle color magick and how it can be used in spellwork!

What Is Candle Color Magick?
At its core, candle color magick is the practice of using different colored candles for varying purposes in spellcraft and ritual work. You can perform simple rituals and spells to draw luck, love, prosperity, protection, healing and happiness. As well, you can incorporate herbs, oils, stones, visualization, moon phases and astrology to enhance you candle magick. Different colors carry different energies and represent different ideas or emotions. For example, white candles are often used for peace and purification while black candles are associated with protection and banishing. By combining the energies of a particular color with the intention behind your spell or ritual, you can create powerful results. Even if you are a beginner, you will find this simple method of magick will give you a satisfying outcome.

Choosing Your Colors
When it comes to choosing your colors for your spellwork, there are a few things to consider. First, consider what kind of energy you want to bring into your spell or ritual—are you looking for love, protection, luck? Then look at what colors correspond to that energy—for example, red is associated with love while green is associated with luck. Once you’ve chosen your colors based on the energy you want to bring in, think about how many candles you need—one for each element or person involved in the spell? How many candles should be lit at once? All these factors will help determine which type of candles will best suit your needs.

Candle Color Meanings:

Black: Earth Element, Saturn, Gods, Power, Banish and Absorb Evil/Negatives, Binding, Break Habits, Protection, Meditation, Mystical & Magic, The Unknown & The Dark, Rid Fears & Depression, Acceptance & Forgiveness, Rid Unwanted Relationship(s), and to Break Hexes.

Blue: Water Element, Direction: West, Planetary: Jupiter, Sky, Balance, Devotion, Patience, Compassion, Meditation, Magic Knowledge, Sleep, Guard Against Nightmares, Devotion, Prophetic Dreams, Contemplation, Success, Guidance, Understanding, Health & Healing, Inspiration, Truth, Wisdom, Tranquility, Calmness & Peace, and Justice & Legal Counsel.

Brown: Earth, Nature, Appreciation, Protection, Grounding, Healing Animals, Animal Magick, Reliability, Comfort, Safety, Stability, Warmth, Wisdom, Healing, Study, Knowledge, Dependability, Security, Home, and Honesty.

Gold: Sun/Solar, Wealth, Nobility, Luxury, Worldly Things, Money, Finances, Quick Money-Making, Creativity, Achievement, Understanding, Self-Confidence, Break Habits, Fortune, Investments, Long Life, Male Energy, Perfection, Change, Luck, Authority, Recognition, Magick Power, and Yang.

Green: Earth & Water Elements, North & West Directions, Nature, Plants, Herbs, Trees, Animals, Fertility, Growth, Renewal, Healing, Regaining Health & Strength, Harvest, Abundance, Balance, Confidence, Prosperity, Wealth, Money, Heart Chakra, Love, Good Luck, Hope, Peace, Balance, Emotions, Stamina, Rid Jealousy, Rid Greed, Physical Matters on Earth and Practical and Material Matters.

Orange: Sun/Solar, Fire Element, South Direction, Leo, Aries, Quick Action, Adaptability, Authority, Stimulation, Luck, Fire, Energy, Attraction, Good Luck, Encouragement, Career, Legal, Justice, Soothing, Ambition, Charm, Creativity, Growth, Kindness, Fertility, Confidence, Self-confidence, Success, Abundance,
Personal Needs, Prosperity, Parties/Feasts, Celebrations, Investment, Joy, Peace of Mind, Independence, Self-Value and Sacral Chakra.

Pink: Venus, Love, Friendship, Romance, Romantic love, Affection, New relationships, Gentle, Tender love, Mend disagreement, Attract soul mate, Honor, Goodness, Emotional love, Harmony, Tenderness, Care, Trust, Nurturing, Family, Child protection, Youth, Healing emotions, Calm sleep, and Spiritual satisfaction.

Purple and shades of purple such as Lavender: Spirit Element, Jupiter, Divination, Prophecy, Psychic, Spirituality, Counters Negatives, Reverse Curses and Jinxes, All Magick, Angels & Spirits, Meditation, Clarification, Remembrance of Deceased, Compassion, Power, Inspiration, Astral Travel, Balance and Harmonize Depression, Ambition, Healing Deadly Diseases, Improve Business, Boost personal magickal powers, Psychic & Spiritual Healing, Psychic Protection, Third Eye, Scrying, Royalty, Material Possessions/Wealth, Control, Happiness, Past-Life Rituals, Sleep without nightmares, and Banishment of the past "crap" that is creating chaos in your life now.

Red: Element Fire, South Direction, Mars, Blood, Self Love, Love, Passion, Sexual Passion, Desire and Energy, Attraction and Potency, Courage & Willpower, Aggression & Anger, Determination, War, Impulse, Quick Energy & Vast Energy, Independence, Insight, Physical Power, Physical Skill, Physical Health, Strength, Fertility and Survival.

Silver: Moon/Lunar, Stars,Goddesses & Moon Goddesses, Cycles, Feminine Power, Rebirth & Reincarnation, Inspiration, Insight & Wisdom, Astral Energy & Travel, Dreams & Sleep, Remove Negativity, Relieving Grief and Stress, Harmonize and Balance Stability Within, Balance Hormones & Emotions, Yin, Visions, Psychic Abilities, Divination, Intuition & Telepathy, and Exploring mysteries.

White: Spirit Element, Moon, Goddess, Truth, Spirituality, Psychic Development, Meditation, Inspiration, Protection, Peace, Purification & Cleansing, Calling on Spirit Guides, Higher Self, Wisdom, Consecration, Healing, Angels, Vision & Prophecy, Birth, New Beginnings and Marriage/Uniting. White can be a substitue for any color.

Yellow: Air Element, East Direction, Sun/Solar, Money/Trade, Career & Business, Study & Knowledge, Concentration, Creativity, Crafting, Imagination, Wisdom, Changes, Adapting, Psychic Development, Visualizing, Magick, Communication, Joy & Happiness, Confidence, Clearing Mind and Thoughts, Counseling, and Chase Away Evil & Negatives.

Safety First!
As with any form of magickal work, safety should always come first! Be sure to use appropriate containers when burning candles such as glass jars or metal cauldrons; this will prevent accidental fires from occurring due to wax melting over an open flame. Additionally, never leave a burning candle unattended; keep an eye on it until it has completely burned out and then safely discard any remaining wax after it has cooled down completely.

Candle color magick is an effective way to bring powerful energies into your spells and rituals. With careful consideration given to safety precautions as well as quality materials being used during practice, this form of magick can be powerful tool that you add into your spiritual practice. Whether you are looking for protection or prosperity, incorporating candle color magick into your craft is an easy step towards manifesting the life that you desire!

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