Beltane Ritual

Beltane Ritual - 13 Moons

Beltane Ritual For Solitary; Easily adapted for Group Ritual by StormWing, ©1996 – 2023

Preparation & Set Up

This Ritual shall be performed at whatever time of day or night you prefer. The corresponding time would be midmorning, as dawn represents Springtime, and noon does Summertime. Sweep area, starting in the North and moving deosil, with your magickal broom to cleanse the Circle area and "sweep away" any lingering negative energies.

Set up the Quarter candles (North-Green, East-Yellow, South-Red, West-Blue) and/or other items symbolizing the elements at the Four Quarters. Set up your altar as desired, and face it to the North, covering it with a white or dark green altar cloth. For this ceremony, decorate the altar with seasonal flowers of any color of the rainbow spectrum (silk are acceptable), along with whatever else feels right.

Cast Iron Black Cauldron with Burning Green Candle

In addition to your usual tools and props, upon the altar should be:

  • White or Dark Green Altar Cloth
  • Symbol or Statue to represent your Household Guardian
  • Small Cauldron with a Dark Green Candle inside
  • A Bell
  • Wood Chips from Birch, Oak, Rowan (Ash), Willow, Hawthorne, Hazel, Apple, Vine and Fir (to burn in the cauldron) Note: it is not absolutely necessary to get all of these different woods, but do the best you can.
  • Athame (for Great Rite Ceremony)
  • Chalice (for Great Rite Ceremony)
  • Incense - Any of the following either alone or mixed together: Lilac, Jasmine, Frankincense, Myrrh, Dragon's Blood, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Sage, Strawberry, Orange Peel, and Rose Petals (and charcoal if using powdered or granulated incense)

When all is set up, take a shower or bath for purification and don your Ritual Robe or other Ritual attire. Be sure to wear your Magickal jewelry, if you have any. Sit quietly and meditate for a little while - to ground and center. When you feel ready to begin, play some quiet peaceful music for the Ritual.

The Ritual

Cast the Circle... begin the Beltane Sabbat Ceremony by sitting quietly for a few moments, then say these words aloud:

"Blessed be this day of Beltane, Wedding day of the Goddess and the God. Holy day of Sacred Marriage, Holy night of Sacred Union. The fertile Goddess of Summer walks through the land With the Great Horned God of the Forest, And the dark time of Winter is behind me.

Ring the bell seven times, then continue, saying:

"The animals breed and the plants pollinate, As the May Queen and Green Man bestow Their blessings upon the Earth and Earth's creatures. I, (magickal name) who am Their child, rejoice with Them and ask that Their happy union become the example for all humanity to live in love and harmony."

Light the candle in the cauldron and say:

"The dark days are cleared away so that the May Day can now begin!"

As you drop the wood chips one by one into the flame in the cauldron, state the properties of each, as follows... (be careful, and use a small cauldron that can be covered with a snuffer or lid in case things get out of hand --- you don't need to use a lot of chips, just a little for the symbology).

"I burn thee Birch to honor the Goddess; and now add thee Oak to honor the God. Thou Rowan I add for a magickal life; and add thee Willow to celebrate death. Thou Hawthorne I burn for fairies near me; thou Hazel I burn for wisdom you bring. I add thee good Apple to bring me love; and thou Vine whose fruit is the symbol of joy. Fir you are added as the symbol of rebirth; your sweet scent reminds me of my immortality. My blessings I give to all of thee, and thy blessings I call from thee upon me. So as I will, So Mote It Be!"

At this point, you will perform the Great Rite (symbolically). Some Wiccan Traditions insist that a Pagan working solitary cannot properly perform this act. Since the act is a symbolic one, there is no reason you cannot make it a part of your ceremony alone. Take your athame in your right hand, and your chalice in your left, and hold them in front of you. See them as the Earthly vessels of deity.

Now say these words:

"I greet the time of unions and give honor to the Lord and the Lady for Their fruitfulness! Tonight (today) I witness the marriage of my Goddess and God. May Their union be fertile and productive!"

Slowly lower the athame blade into the chalice and feel the union of the deities. Say:

"As They are one, They become one. As They become one, They are one. And I am also one with Them."

Raise the athame and chalice, still united, to your forehead to honor this union of the three of you. Place them back upon the altar. Now dance or at least march around the altar, beginning in the North, and moving deosil. Pause to greet each Elemetal quarter with outstretched arms. Move back in front of the altar when you are finished.

Now pick up the symbol of your house Guardian, concentrate on these words, as you say aloud:

"Lovely Lady and Great Horned Lord, I present to You the Guardian of this house which is my home. I have invited this Special Spirit into my home as my protector and helper in all things. I honor this Spirit in this symbol of its being. Great Ones, bless this Guardian of this Home. And to Your blessings, I add my thanks. Blessed be!"

You should now lightly anoint the Guardian symbol or statue with some appropriate oil. If the symbol is such that it cannot be oiled, at least swing the smoking incense burner around it.

When you have finished and you are ready, the time is now here to perform any works of magick or spells, follow then by the Cakes & Ale Ceremony, and finally, Releasing the Circle.

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