A Journey of Awakening & New Beginnings

A Journey of Awakening & New Beginnings - 13 Moons

A Journey of Awakening & New Beginnings

Happy Ostara! 🌼 The Spring Equinox is upon us, and with it comes a time of balance, renewal, and new beginnings. It's a moment when darkness and light stand in perfect harmony, promising the blossoming of the world around us.

Ostara is a beautiful occasion to celebrate fertility, growth, and the youthful exuberance of nature as we bid farewell to the cold winter and welcome the warm embrace of spring.

Here are some ways to honor this day and make the most of its vibrant energies:

  • Plant New Life🌱

Start by planting seeds or nurturing a potted plant to symbolize the new growth of the season. Whether you choose flowers, herbs, or vegetables, each green sprout represents the cycles of nature and your intentions for growth.

  • Egg Decorating 🥚🐣

The egg stands as a powerful symbol of fertility and potential during Ostara. Gather some eggs, be they real, wooden, or paper-mache, and decorate them with symbols that resonate with you. Use colors, patterns, and pictures to manifest your hopes for the season. If you wish, bury them as a gift to the Earth or retain them as talismans of your desires.

  • Connect with Nature 🌲

Take a contemplative walk through a garden, park, or forest. Observe the budding life and the changes in the landscape. This is more than a walk; it is a moving meditation and celebration of life.

  • Divination with Flowers🌻🌺

Collect a bouquet of wildflowers, taking time to thank nature for its gifts. Divination can reveal your inner emotions and thoughts, so use a book or your intuition to uncover the magical meanings behind each chosen bloom.

Remember to honor the deities associated with Ostara; gods and goddesses of youth, fertility, and the sun are especially revered during this joyful Sabbat.

May your celebration be a harmonious blend of the old and the new; may the seeds you plant thrive along with your spirit. Here's to a blessed Ostara filled with love, light, and a touch of magic.

Blessed Be,

Corey 🌷✨

P.S. Don't forget to ring in the new season at sunrise with a small fire, bell ringing, or by simply lighting a candle to welcome the dawn of spring.


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