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Book of Flower Spells

Book of Flower Spells

by Cheralyn Darcey

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The Book of Flower Spells
by Cheralyn Darcey

Sacred throughout many cultures and simply beautiful to behold, flowers are powerful sources of magick. They are entwined with the rhythms of the Earth. Work with flowers to create your own powerful and divine spells for the change, support, and inspiration you seek in life and love.

Along with 60 sacred flower spells from Cheralyn Darcey’s personal nature grimoire, The Book of Flower Spells includes spell-casting and spell-crafting basics, information on magical gardening and supply sourcing. To complete your treasury of flower and nature magick, a beautifully illustrated journal section is provided as a place for you to keep your personal flower spells.

This book serves as a wonderful guide into the realm of nature magick and all its possibilities!

208 pages


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