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Brass Cauldron Screen Burner

Brass Cauldron Screen Burner

Beautiful brass burner, a customer favorite!

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Small Brass Cauldron

Great for incense!

One look at this beautiful cauldron and you'll see why it's been one of our customer favorites. This excellent brass burner has a plain belly and ornate handles. The mutli-prong base is also charmingly detailed. A small, but deep bowl, this has lots of space for burning your favorite incense or leaving offerings of herbs, food, or water.

Comes with brass screen plate to allow plenty of air to circulate when using burning incense or resin. Perfect for you altar, but also a great size when traveling; measures approximately 2.5 (6.3 cm) inches wide x 2 inches (5 cm) tall.

Your cauldron is perfect for:

  • Burning Incense
  • Resting Offerings
  • Decorating Your Space
  • Brightening Up Your Altar
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