Brass Offering Bowl 1.75 inches

Brass Offering Bowl 1.75 inches

Simple grace to show your gratitude.

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Plain Brass Offering Bowl
Charming bowl for your altar

This simple brass bowl is a wonderful addition to your sacred space or altar. Use for water, stones, herbs, and more. This tiny bowl is perfect for a smaller altar, or grab a few of them for decorative purposes.

Each bowl measures approximately 1.75 inches (4.7cm) in diameter by 0.75 inch (1.5cm) tall.

Brass is known for:


  • Sun Energy
  • Bringing Wealth
  • Fire Energy
  • Healing
  • Protection

Caution: These bowls, created for ritual use, are not food or fire safe. They will discolor with heat and become very hot to the touch. This can lead to a burn mark on the surface below the bowl. You can add sand and charcoal like a censor to burn incense and offerings.

Purchase is for one (1) bowl.

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