Candle Lighting Encyclopedia Vol. II

Tina Ketch

Create Magic with Candles!

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Candle Lighting Encyclopedia Volumn II
By Tina Ketch

This life-inspiring follow through to the best-selling "Candle Lighting Encyclopedia Volume I" which leads us to a new freedom of thought. It teaches us that it is not only okay to dream, it is okay to achieve! Tina Ketch pulls out all the stops for us on the road to happiness and achievement, and stays with us throughout, so that we can actually do it for ourselves.

Here at 13 Moons, we love candles! Tina takes the love of candles along with the ancient art of lighting them and gives purpose and guide lines to lighting them and manifesting your desires! You hold the magic within and candles allow you to bring this magic into your life. From candle lit dinners, ceremonies, birth celebrations, Yule, and more, you will capture the magic with simple candle lighting exercises.

Candle lighting can and will enchant the quality of your life, giving you another dimension in which you alone are in complete control. Candle lighting has been designed to improve those areas in your life that you wish to expand. Candle lighting through the use of this book can only be positive for yourself and others.

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