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Candle Lighting Ephemeris for the 21st Century

Candle Lighting Ephemeris for the 21st Century

by Tina Ketch

No Guess-Work, No Anxiety Tina Ketch makes it easy for us.
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Candle Lighting Ephemeris
For the 21st Century
By Tina Ketch

The Candle Lighting Ephemeris for the 21st Century is the candle lighting aficionado’s ultimate guide to the proper times to light those candles. As we learn about the art of candle lighting, we need to know when the universal aspects are at the right place to light our candles. Tina Ketch makes this easy for us, by listing the times, dates and eclipse cycles, as well as the ruling planet for each period. In her inimitable fashion, she has made it simple, just the way she believes life is meant to be.

This is the quintessential guide to candle lighting for the 21st Century. Based on true ephemeral times, it will give you the new moon, full moon and eclipse cycles for the next 50 years, up close and personal, and with ease. No longer will you have to figure out how to use the large ephemeris, as this guide has brought it into a consolidated, user-friendly guide.

Written and developed by Tina Ketch, the author of the Candle Lighting Encyclopedia an the Candle Lighting Encyclopedia Volume II, this guide will insure you know exactly when to light your candles to achieve that which is your goal. There is no guess-work, no anxiety, no need to read unfamiliar charts. It is all lined out for you, in a simple, concise manner.

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