Celtic Design

Information About Celtic Design & Art

Celtic Triskele PendantCeltic Art patterns are found in ancient Celtic, Roman, Egyptian and Greek art. These beautiful configurations have decorated wood, stone, writings and jewelry. Celtic designs reveal interweaving patterns which appear, and are often referred to, as knotwork. Looking closely you see there is no knot in the sometimes intricate patterns but an interlaced design; loops with no beginning or end. The only time you will find loose ends in celtic art is in an animal-type design where the ends are fashioned by spirals or other designs to end as hands, feet, tail, etc.

The beautiful, unending art patterns, passed down for generations are known for continual trust and devotion... never-ending love... continuous life...

We are certain you will find Celtic Designs within our store for you and loved ones to hold near your heart and to pass on to your generations.