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Celtic Fairy Ring

Open up your imagination for the spirit of the faery.

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Thanks again for being the best Pagan store....period! This was my third (and largest) order, and yet again I'm incredibly pleased both with the products I received, and the amazing customer experience you guys offer. Not only are you always happy to e-mail me when something I'm looking for comes back in stock, but you're always very prompt with your shipping and do a great job packing items so that they arrive safely. You guys are the only Witch shop I use, and the only one I recommend to my friends.
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Celtic Fairy Ring - Knot of Protection Ring

This mystical Sidhe ring illustrates two faeries soaring around a Fairie mound in the shape of a Triscele, a triple Celtic knot of Peace and Protection.

Designed by Chris Bennet, hand crafted of .925 Sterling Silver in the USA. Measures 7/16 inch at the widest.

Fairies are remnants of a Mythical race who first settled Ireland; the Tuatha De Danann or “the People of the Goddess Dana,” whom inhabit the underground country; Tir na nOg, the "Land of Perpetual Youth". Here they live a life of joy and beauty; they are protected from all ill will, including death and disease. These Faery people are great warriors and Masters of Magic sent to teach Earth's children about love and harmonious living.

Carefully guarded by the faeries are the “faery mounds” considered to be a gateway between the “known” parts of Ireland and the mysterious Otherworld Tir na nOg- a domain for the divine race of the Tuatha De Danann. The Dananns rule this world an invisible region “below the ground and beyond the seas”. The Otherworld is accessible through lakes, caves, and most of all the magical faery mounds. Ancient myth explains how each mound possesses a magic cauldron that bestows upon its owner a boundless supply of food, along with other special Magical Powers.

They are guarding this knot as if it were one of their sanctified Magical faery mounds.The spirit of the faery lives in all of us, so open up your imagination! Allow your thoughts to fly free and journey back to the days when these wonderous creatures were more than simply a bedtime story!

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