Celtic Pentacle Necklace

Magic, Paganism, and Mysticism
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The Celtic Pentacle
Design by Qrys Bennett

The Pentacle has been a Symbol of Protection for millennia. Associated with Magic, Paganism, and Mysticism, its earliest connections were with the worship of The Earth Mother Goddess from whose five petaled apple blossom and seeds the symbol may have derived.

Ancient Astrologers also discerned a Pentagram within the Heavenly motions of the Planet Venus.

The Pentacle is a Protective Design because the unbroken lines hold all evil influences outside.It has been called The Symbol of Man, Truth, and Completion.

Alchemists have connected the elements of the Earth with those of Man; flesh and bones to Earth, blood to Water, breath to Air, body heat to Fire, and the Soul to Ether.

The Five points of the Pentacle correspond to the 5 stages of Life- Birth, Puberty, Marriage, Rest from Labor, and Death.

This design incorporates elaborate Celtic Knotwork to make a Truly Powerful Amulet. The knotwork also increases the Meditative quality as well as its Protective Abilities. Worn with respect no Negativity or Evil Influences can affect you.

Measures 1 1/4 inches in diameter and includes an adjustable black cord. Made in the U.S. by skilled artists of high quality, lead-free pewter

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