Celtic Triple Goddess Colorful Statue

Celtic Triple Goddess Colorful Statue

Celtic Maid, Mother & Crone
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Celtic Triple Goddess Colorful
Celtic Maid, Mother & Crone

The Triple Goddess has spanned many cultures. She is like the Moon, growing older and returning young. The Maiden is young with fresh life, beauty and excitement. The Mother gives birth to the children and cares with and Affection. The Crone is older and wiser and brings the Intelligence that is so needed. And so she returns as the Maiden and on it goes.

This statue of the Triple Goddess is ringing with Celtic beauty and life. The Pentagram at the top with the Moon quarters on either side shows the Maid, Mother, Crone in a wonderful magickal way. Hanging on a tree with the Apples ready for picking. The Dove in the Maidens hand is a beautiful tale of returning to a younger time. And at her feet are fresh flowers displaying her beauty. The Crone with the Owl displays the Magick of the night time with a cauldron for special workings. The Mother with child in womb and harvested grain gives the beauty of growing life and more to come.

What a statue to decorate your Altar and love the beauty of nature to be a part of.

She stands 10 1/4 inches high. Cast of Quality Cold Cast Resin with Handpainted Colorful Detail.

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