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Celtic Triquetra Altar Cloth 36x36

Celtic Triquetra Altar Cloth 36x36

Classic and classically beautiful

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Celtic Triquetra Cloth

A dazzling cloth for your altar

The gold triquetra and Celtic knotwork on this black background create a gorgeous altar cloth. Literally meaning three-cornered (tri-quetrus), the triquetra is a Celtic infinity knot that represents the belief that life moves in everlasting cycles of three.

The triquetra is surrounded by four Celtic knots, drawing energy into the center. An altar cloth is meant to help you create a space where the mundane world falls away and gives you access to the magickal realm. Each is handmade and measures 36 x 36 inches (91 x 91 cm).

Triquetras are associated:

  • Magic
  • Past, Present, Future
  • Earth, Sea, Sky
  • Life's Cycles

Please Note: Imperfections (e.g., dye runs, thread runs) and size variations may be found. Color may vary slightly from image shown, image may be slightly off center. Refunds are available for non-manufacturing or substantial defects only.



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