Celtic Triquetra Wooden Altar Table

Celtic Triquetra Wooden Altar Table

A powerful symbol for your altar
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Wooden Pentacle Altar Table

Beautiful Addition to your Space!

This hand-carved and stained Celtic Triquetra square wooden altar table is a lovely piece for your home. Meaning three cornered (tri-quetrus), this special infinity knot represents the Celtic belief in the number three. Whether the belief in life's phases (life, death, rebirth) or the Christian trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit), the triquetra is a symbol that spans cultures.

Standing on four wooden legs this uniquely carved and stained table features waves on the top with an encircled Celtic triquetra in the center. Table measures 6 inches (15 cm) square and 4 inches (10 cm) in height. You won't regret adding this beautiful piece to your space.

Triquetras are associated with:

  • Past, Present, Future
  • Earth, Sea, Sky
  • The Saint and Goddess Brigid
  • the Holy Trinity
  • Phases of Life
  • Charmed

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