Celtic Wisdom Wand

Celtic Wisdom Wand

by Abby Willowroot

Celtic Art & Magic with this handmade wand.
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Celtic Wisdom

By Abby Willowroot


Celtic interlaces, or knots, were first carved into rocks by an unknown race of megalith builders who predate the Celtic culture by thousands of years. The Celts continued the tradition of using this knot style and it became intrinsically linked with the Celtic culture. In ancient times, the folk of Pagan Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England understood these enigmatic Celtic Interlaces. Although the true meaning of the various designs has been lost to the ages, legend is that they were ancient maps of songs, Gaelic dances and maps to hidden secrets.

The Celtic Wisdom Wand is intricately designed and reflects a deep reverence for the ancient Celtic connection with the natural world. This connection is woven into the interlaced and flowing lines of this wand. The cascade of Celtic interlacing that adorns this powerful wand is highly textured and expertly detailed. It is ideal for anyone claiming personal connection to their Gaelic heritage or practicing Celtic Magic.

Meaures 8 1/4 inches.

An Abby Willowroot original design, the Celtic Wisdom Wand is cast in 100% lead-free pewter. Made here in the U.S. in Abby's studio..

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