Chakra Cotton Bag Set

Set of seven bags
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Just received my latest box of treasures from 13 Moons. I just wanted to send along my thanks for all the care put into packaging, quick dispatch...everything. It's always a treat to see what's new...and nice to know that you are a reliable source on which a witch can rely for staple supplies as well. Thanks for consistently being the absolute best there is! ~S.
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Chakra Cotton Drawstring Bag Set

Great set of Drawstring Bags with Chakra silver-tone findings. Each bag measures approximately 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 inches. Each bag coordinates with a chakra point and has a Chakra symbol on the appropriate color bag.

The seven rainbow colors are associated to the chakras and the endocrine system:

  • Violet, crown of the head, pituitary gland is our connection with universal energies
  • Indigo, middle of forehead, pineal glands represents forgiveness & compassion
  • Blue, throat, Thyroid gland is our physical & spiritual communication
  • Green, heart, thymus gland is for love and sense of responsibility
  • Yellow, solar plexus, adrenal gland represents power and ego
  • Orange, lower abdomen, pancreas gland is associated with emotion and sexuality
  • Red, base of the spine, gonads glands represents grounding and survival


  • Drawstring Bag Set
  • Colorful
  • Great gift
  • Metal Chakra Finding on coordinating color bag
  • Collect more to create unique displays
  • Excellent to hold stones, jewelry and more

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