Scented Mini Ritual Chakra Candles

Scented Mini Ritual Chakra Candles

For your chakras or spell-crafting

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Harmonia Mini Ritual Chakra Candle Set of 20 Candles
Assorted Scents

The Mini Ritual Chakra Candles have ten individual colors, one for each chakra and then some, plus each with its own scent. They can be used in your rituals for clearing and balancing all seven chakras, or use them as color correspendences for your spell-crafting needs. These candles measure 5 inches x .50 inches in diameter. Your set includes 20 candles.

Your set includes 2 of each:

  • Red: Ylang Ylang (Root Chakra)
  • Orange: Ginger (Sacral Chakra)
  • Yellow: Orange (Solar Plexus Chakra)
  • Green: Opium (Heart Chakra)
  • Light Blue: Frankincense (Throat Chakra)
  • Blue: Myrrh (Third Eye Chakra)
  • Purple: Lavender (Crown Chakra)
  • Pink: Rose (Love, Kindness, Fertility, Psychic Knowledge, Intuition)
  • White: Sage (Purity, Innocence, Empowerment, New Beginnings)
  • Black: Vetiver (Protection, Uncrossing, Banishing, Grounding

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