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Chalcopyrite Tumbled - Grade A

Chalcopyrite Tumbled - Grade A

To draw money & more.

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Chalcopyrite Tumbled Stone

Top Quality-Grade A tumbled chalcopyrite. Lovely copper/brass color and sheen.

Chalcopyrite (Copper Pyrite), Also called Peacock Ore, is known for the magickal uses of:

  • Money
  • Prosperity
  • Psychic Protection
  • Business/Job/Career
  • Meditation
  • Healing
  • Healing in Animals
  • Relieving Stress in Animals
  • Abundance
  • Memory
  • Study in School
  • Protection

We pack each stone and label each pack at the time of your order.
The price is for per single tumbled stone.
Actual stone may vary from photo.
Sizes vary approximately 1 inch.


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